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A few characteristics of polypropylene include:
  • Chemical Resistance – PP’s chemical resistance is superior to metals because it’s unaffected by most aqueous solutions, alkalis, and inorganic acids—even at higher temperatures. This imperious nature gives the substance a strong profile against most types of corrosion. 
  • Elasticity and Toughness – Due to these properties, this material can be used as an engineering plastic. As a fiber, PP is utilized as tapes, strapping, and a variety of bulk filament and woven material.
  • Fatigue Resistance – Polypropylene retains its shape under heavy torsion, bending, and flexing. It remains strong after repeated wear—even when used as a working hinge.
  • Insulation – Due to polypropylene's extremely high electrical resistance, it is often utilized with or for electronic components, as it withstands high temperatures well.

Polypropylene has the ability to function as both a plastic material and a fiber. It is easily fabricated and has high impact resistance. This has given PP a lot of functionality across the end-use market.  

  • Chemical Processing Industries: Structural tanks and linings, plating barrels, semiconductor processing equipment, laboratory surfaces + cabinets, and anodizing process equipment.
  • Industrial Applications: Acid and chemical tanks, sheets, pipes. Polypropylene has high tensile strength due to its semi-crystalline nature, is moisture resistant, and corrosion resistant which makes it ideal for use in many industrial applications.
  • Pipe, flanges, and manhole covers: Pipe fittings and flanges are used in a wide variety of farming and manufacturing liquid applications such as: waste, saltwater, and cooling water handling.
  • Medical: orthotic and prosthetic devices
  • Pump and valve components
  • Fire truck tanks
  • Ducts and Fume Hoods: Suitable for wet process, laminar flow, cleanrooms, containment and custom environment solutions. Odor resistant, non-porous, durable and long lasting, which makes them suitable for food research labs.

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