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  • Digital display of welding pressure
  • Complete recording of all relevant welding parameters.
  • USB memory system designed for use on construction sites
  • Convenient data transfer


This compact, heavy-duty welding machine is in use worldwide. The small powerhouse is specially designed for the demands of landfill sites, mines and tunnels. Documentation made simple: COMET USB's memory system is designed for use on construction sites. Because this compact hot-wedge welding machine records all relevant welding parameters, data transfer is mere child's play.

Technical Data

DetailsCOMET USB - wedge 50 mm / PE / 230 V / 1200 W / EU-plug++

Article No. *137.626*

Attribute Unit Value
Power W 1200
Voltage V~ 120 / 230
Max overlap mm 125
Temperature °C 80 – 420
Speed m/min 0.8 – 3.2
Welding pressure N 100 – 1000
Weld seam mm 2 × 15
Material thickness mm 0.5 – 3
USB-memory-stick   incl. USB memory stick
Size (L × B × H) mm 295 × 250 × 245
Weight kg 7.5
Conformity mark   CE Certification
Protection class I   Protection Class I

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