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  • UNIPLAN_300
  • Blower motor with brushes
  • Hot-air blower welding capacity of 12,500 rpm
  • Display for setting the welding parameters


  • Automatic and safe: Swiveling in of the nozzle 
  • Practical: Integrated lifting of the tarpaulins
  • Movable swivel castor wheel: To avoid obstacles such as grommets and hooks
  • Quick modification: Users can change from overlap welding to hem or pipe welding in one, easy step
  • Reliable: Controlled temperature and speed
  • Storable parameters: Material-specific parameters are saved to ensure repeatable processes on future projects (UNIPLAN 500)


Whether you are welding truck tarpaulins, tents, or banners, the UNIPLAN 300 and UNIPLAN 500 automatic welders are the ideal choice. Integrated lifting of the tarpaulins and automatic swiveling-in of the nozzle make the work easier for you and increases reliability. Thanks to the movable swivel castor wheel, it is easy to get around obstacles such as grommets, hooks, or other accessories. Automatic, practical, safe – UNIPLAN 300 / UNIPLAN 500.

Technical Data

DetailsUNIPLAN 300, 230 V, 40mm, with EU plug++

Article No. *164.545*

Attribute Unit Value
Voltage V~ 230
Frequency Hz 50/60
Power W 3450
Nozzle width mm 40
Temperature, stepless °C 100 - 620
Drive Speed m/min 1 - 16
Blower speed rpm 12500
Blower motor   brushed
Noise emission level Lpa (dB) 70 (K = 3 dB)
Size (L × B × H) mm 500 x 310 x 300
Weight (without cable) kg 15
Conformity mark   CE Certification
Protection class II   ProtectionClass II

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